Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ripped off? I think yes...

How much are major food corporations actually ripping us off.. according to research and an article in newsweek "The concentrate for 70 percent of Coca-Cola's 1.5 billion drinks served each day originates in the tax haven of Ireland, where enough concentrate for 50,000 Cokes costs $2.60—including labor. The concentrate's main ingredient? Caramel." (by the way that is made of corn)

Research shows the syrup to make a single cup (or can) of Coca-Cola costs $0.000052, or .0052 cents. So, that means that one penny buys enough syrup to make nearly 200 glasses of Coke.

Now the scenaraio is:
 The can and the plastic 6 pack holder make the cost of producing a can of Coke about 5 and a half cents.
The actual Coke that goes in it bumps the price to six cents.
By the time you add in shipping and handling, the cost rises to 19 cents.
Now we pay on average one dollar for this can of Coke. Where does the money all go? Advertising? or control of food policy? So where else are we getting ripped off by the food industry?



  1. Very interesting. Glad I don't consume much in the way of soft drinks!

  2. Haha...nice physics conversation!! I can't believe this...Imagine what we could do with the money we'd save if we didn't even buy the Coke. Crazy.