Friday, February 18, 2011

The Tough Cost of Being Organic

So in our attempt to be organic, a large problem is the food industry’s ability to provide much cheaper food.  An average family (let’s assume of four members father, son, daughter and mother) goes to Mc. Donald’s once a week for dinner the father and son get an angus deluxe ($7) with the included fries and drink, the mother and daughter get the Big N’ Tasty with cheese ($5), with the included fries and drink, this averages $25 a night. This same family goes to Farm Burger in Decatur and creates 4 burgers. The father and son get burgers with pepper jack cheese and bacon ($9) the mother and daughter get a burger with cheese ($7) plus the fries with the burger ($1.50 ea.) and four drinks (also $1.50 ea.), This totals to $44 a night plus tip, which finals out to about $50. Double the cost, so, once a week multiplied by 52 weeks is $1,300 a year for Mc. Donald’s and $2,600 for Farm Burger. Now with these tough economic times, it’s becoming increasingly tougher for families to eat organic.


  1. However, I go to Farmburger and get a $6 burger, which has about 12 available FREE toppings. I do get a small fry sometimes. I drink water, and there is no tip! So, I think, with a few concessions, a family can do quite well there. It's all in the choices...

  2. Oh, and of those 12 or so free toppings, you can have as many as you want. So, your burger can look super tall!