Thursday, March 17, 2011

It may be Soda, but at least it's Diet Soda

Americans have propelled Diet Coke past Pepsi-Cola making it the second most popular carbonated drink behind Coco-Cola.(  Analysts in the beverage industry say this is consistent with recent health crazes that have gripped the American consumer base.  However, experts on American economics at the Bringing Home the Bacon brain trust attribute Pepsi's slip to a decrease in hair and popularity of former celebrity spokesmen (  Pepsi has been criticized for a recent multimillion dollar campaign that has been largely ineffective.  Tomorrow is a new day for Pepsi to fight a new battle in the cola wars.  In fact tomorrow is a Friday, which as we all know by now is fun fun fun fun, so perhaps the tides of fortune will shift with aggressive advertising for Pepsi-Max (, the Pepsi Company's equivalent of Diet Coke.  Only time will tell.



  1. Does anyone other than me think Diet Coke is nasty?

    -Mason Mariney

  2. HAHA was this kellar? I thought this was hilarious! and imformative

  3. I've heard that diet sodas will actually fluctuate a diabetic's blood sugar level more than a regular soda with high fructose corn syrup. Diet just means zero calories with more artificial ingredients. In that light, it makes sense that Americans enjoy diet soda.

    Cameron Cassan