Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not Food but Maybe Better

First, an apology: This post has nothing to do with food, but this story was too good to pass up.

After having read The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald, I had assumed that the characters and homes were completely fictional. Apparently not so. Gatsby's mansion is rumored to have been inspired by a 25 room mansion off of Long Island Sound. Sadly though, the building is to be razed. The mansion itself will be replaced by five $10 million dollar houses. I say we start a fund to buy the house and repair. I will start with a donation all my money of $17.86. See we're well on our way!



  1. I'll pitch in an additional $2.75, there were 11 quarters beside my desk when i posted this.

    -- Robbie

  2. Well, it's at least where he had all his FOOD PARTIES. Whoever posted this, I will get you. :)

    I showed a picture of this house to 7th period. Who is this? Remind me and I'll show it to the other two classes. :)

  3. Hey! This house only costs $4,500 PER DAY for upkeep alone. Robbie, better find some more cash-----

  4. I'm in...I may have to get a more substantial job than Chick-fil-A. Its not exactly lucrative :)