Monday, March 7, 2011

New Front-Runner In the Fast Food World

For years, McDonald's has been the face of the fast food industry. The golden arches were recognizable is numerous countries around the world. However, a new age is dawning, the age of the five dollar foot-long. According to a recent Securities and Exchanges document, Subway restaurants have brought their worldwide restaurant tally to a whopping 33,749 locations, eclipsing McDonald's 32,737 locations by almost one thousand. Subway began its climb to the top in 1999 when Jared "The Subway Guy" Fogle made headlines with his 62-inch pair of pants and his extreme weight loss story that involved eating Subway sandwiches for 2 of his 3 meals a day.Now that the McDonald's age has ended and the Subway era has begun, we must ask ourselves what it truly means to "Eat Fresh".


  1. The link does not work, but I am really interested to learn more about this! You'd think that Subway is all healthy for you... but maybe things are not exactly what they seem.
    -Taylor Glenn

  2. I would never have thought that McDonald's would get outpaced by Subway. What a topsy-turvy, crazy world we are living in. It would be interesting to take a look at Subway's food policies. Is a "health-friendly" restaurant like Subway able to get away with things that we demonize McDonald's for? Thank you Alex for bestowing upon us this mind boggling observation.
    -Shockley Nunnery

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  4. I also find it shocking that Subway has out numbered McDonalds! But at times, I for one find myself questioning the quality of the Subway products. I'm sure it's healthier than McDonalds, but never know what you eat these days. especially with all of these advertisements trying to convince you that you ARE in fact, making a healthy choice.
    Sarah Johnson