Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rising food prices show no signs of stopping

Food prices are climbing at record rates. Prices have faced a 3.9 percent increase since February, the fastest rise in over thirty years. The food industry has felt pressure from a multitude of negative factors recently. The majority of these price increases have been attributed to unfavorable freezing weather conditions in the southern United States as well as various kinds of bad weather earlier in the year on the global level. Even fast food companies are feeling the effects of these rising food prices. I suppose this just makes it harder for people to make healthier but more expensive food choices instead of unhealthy and less expensive fast food choices.



  1. Not true! I'd like to direct you to my latest blog post. Yes, food prices may be rising, but people are still shelling out a little extra dough to eat organic. They're not throwin' in the towel yet.

    -Mason Mariney

  2. Well at least their commitment to staying healthy is strong enough to get trough these tough times for the food industry.